Display Point, Axis and Plane

How can I put the TPrsStd_PointDriver, TPrsStd_AxisDriver and the TPrsStd_PlaneDriver to use and display Points, Axes and Planes.

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Below you can see how i display a plane :

Handle(TDataStd_Plane) aDFPlane;
if (!aResultLabel.FindAttribute(TDataStd_Plane::GetID(),aDFPlane))

aPresentation = TPrsStd_AISPresentation::Set(aResultLabel, TDataStd_Plane::GetID());

where aResultLabel contains a valid TNaming_NamedShape repsesanting a plane.aPresentation is of type Handle(TPrsStd_AISPresentation).

The same way you can use the other presentation drivers.


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Thanks for the solution. I have been displaying the point by creating a TopoDS_Shape from BRepBuilderAPI_MakeVertex and displaying it directly using TNaming_NamedShape::GetID(). The solution you have given also has solved my problem of changing the vertex color after displaying it. Now I think the AIS_Point is being used internally to represent the presentation and hence updates change of color properly.

BTW for plane can I make a TopoDS_Face from BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace with a plane and use it?

And BRepBuilderAPI_MakeEdge with Geom_Line for Axis?

Thanks Again!

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Hello Nair !

Using BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace and BRepBuilderAPI_MakeEdge and assigning its value to a TNaming_NamedShape , with this TNaming_NamedShape you can create accordingly TPrsStd_PlaneDriver and TPrsStd_AxisDriver OCAF based presentations.

You can also use TPrsStd_GeometryDriver based presentations by utilising TDataStd_Geometry objects(hint: use TDataStd_Geometry::SetType method for correct usage).


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Hi Fotis

Thanks for the info. Actually I am trying to follow a design where actual geometry will not be exposed to or created by the user. I think this will help in the feature creation easily. e.g. when the user creates a circle, he sees a circle on the screen but actually it would be a wire. This paradigm I think will help further in easier usage of the circle for creating a prism say, the algo can take the wire directly instead of getting a circle and then building a wire in the prism algo. The selection of OCC also supports the query topological ehtities and sub-entities rather than geometry directly. Geometry retrieval can be done from the topological entity as and when required. This is my view in my development of a feature based modeller. Your suggestions and experiences will also give me better insight. Thanks again.