Display text in TPrsStd_Driver


I have implemented a presentation driver for my own OCAF attribute. The presentation driver inherits from TPrsStd_Driver. Now I would like to add text output at several different positions to the presentation. Is there an easy way to do that?

I have stumbled over the class QABugs_MyText, which inherits from AIS_InteractiveObject. Therefore I thought I could use it and use an AIS_MultipleConnectedInteractive to connect the former interactive presentation instance with several QABugs_MyText instances. But I have not found an OCC library which contains QABugs_MyText. To which library do I have to link to use it? Also the name of the class is not inspiring confidence. Is this meant to be used at all?

Thank you very much for any answer!



Benjamin Bihler's picture

The class QABugs_MyText works, if it is added to a project library. Still I wonder about its name and purpose... and whether this is the intended way of displaying text in a TPrsStd_Driver...?