it is possible to put classes of open cascades 6.2 and the definition of their functions members in a dll without problem. if yes how, one makes it.

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What do you mean, they are already in a dll?

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think you gianni
i know that. but i'wouled like to compile OCC with Borland 6.0 , i now it's impossible to do that. but i' have an idea (to put the classes of occ in a map and under BORLAND I use the dll of this map)
for example :
to call Topods_shape, juste i call the number of this class in the map
please gianni if you have any idea please help me

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Sorry, I don't know Borland enough. Maybe you can also consider this solution. If you define the preprocessor symbol HAVE_NO_DLL you can compile OpenCasCade statically and then link your application with the static library generated.
Best wishes