Does anybody work with ACIS and OC?

I'm looking for people that know both technologies. I'm very intrested in ACIS functions wcs_model_to_active,wcs_get_active,api_wcs_set_active. Is there similar funcionality in OC?

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Hi Marek,

I'm not working with the ACIS modeler but am developing a translator between OCC and ACIS-SAT formats (Alpha version is available for evaluation). It is part of the CAD Exchanger ( project.
So, it's not a direct help to you but can be relevant if you need to exchange data between the two kernels.

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Thanks for your reply. Our application will need converters At the moment we are on stage of making visualization. We looking for similarities between ACIS and OCC. Our old application is made with use of ACIS. But I'm sure that in near future this topic will grow.

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Hello Marek,

Thank you for your question. Please note that OPEN CASCADE already has a solution for OCCT - ACIS interoperability - it is our ACIS SAT Import / Export interface. You may learn more about this commercial component on our web site at Should you need any additional information about our software or services please do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact Form at We shall be glad to analyze your needs and provide you a proper advice.

Yours sincerely,
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