Does anyone knows how to convert trimmed surface to .3dm?

Does anyone knows how to convert trimmed surface to .3dm?

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Is .3dm a 3D Studio format ? If so, you need to use some 3rd party lib to output into that format - e.g. lib3ds (if I'm not mistaken), which is avaialble on Source Forge and LGPL'ed licensed. The latter permits using it in a proprietary closed source application.

3D studio format should likely be tesselation-based (i.e. containing triangles - surface facets). You may want to consult VrmlAPI_Writer and StlAPI_Writer classes to see how they tessellate faces and output to similar tesselation-based formats (VRML and STL respectively).

Hope this helps.

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.3dm is not a 3d studio format.
it seems to be rhino3d format. check OpenNURBS ( ) for a toolkit allowing you to read/write this format.


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Hi,Thank's for your reply.
Yes,this's for Rhino's format,and I get problems with export trimmed surface.My problem is some of the trimmed surface can't export to .3dm format.(It means some trimmed surface is OK.)I don't know what's problem with my program by OpenCasCade.And I have posted question to opennurbs's forum too.But I can't get help to resolve my problem.So,I'm just try to check out this forum to see if someone have ever reseach this kind of subject that can help me.


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Hi Stephan,
Thanks for correction.