Does OCC support Delete Face Operater...

i wanted to know if OCC support operater such as Deleting selected Faces from solid
where we can modify a solid.
for example if i have a solid with Slot, or pocket can i use any operater to delete
slots or pockert by selecting the shape faces and then deleting those face i.e modifying the Solid with is geometry.


Svetlozar Kostadinov's picture

Notice that if you remove a face from a solid, you get a shell not a solid, because every solid is the interior of a closed shell. That's way you cannot just remove the face from a solid. Instead of this you could use:
1. BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffsetShape to get solid. Or...
2. Get the TopoDS_Shell from the solid with BRepTools::OuterShell() and remove the face from this shell with method... I don't know which method :)