Does OCC5.2 or OCC5.0 support the Microsoft Visual

Please someone can tell me?

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as OCC is implemented in C++, you have to wrap the OpenCASCADE code to be able to use it under C#
you can check the sample in samples\standard\c#


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Thank's for your reply.
Because I want to use MS.NET to compile OCC5.2,but I don't know how to start it?
What should I learn? VC++7.0 or C#?

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Hello John,
Learn C++ first then you will find c# a walk in a park.
Good luck.

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Hm, once you are comfortable in c++, is there a good reason to add another layer between your code and occ? It will just slow down your code. c# is Microsoft's flavor of java (more or less). Since java/c#'s interpreted nature makes it no speed daemon to begin with, and since c# seems to lack java's "write once, run anywhere" (MS-centric), what's the motivation for a c# wrapper? Because something "can" be done doesn't mean it should.

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I have a set of C# wrapper class (but not using P/Invoke) which would allow to load in IGES or STEP file and add shapes etc. in .NET using VS 2005.