Does STEP I/O supports ISO 10303 (STEP) -104 Finite element analysis?

Hi Guys,

  Does latest OCC supports ISO 10303 (STEP) FEA standard(10303-104: Finite element analysis)?

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As far as I know there is no such support.

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Hi qa,

 Thank you very much for your answer.


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Hello Ding,

Yes we have support of STEP Part 104 entities (see packages StepFEA and StepElement), and support reading of CAD data from STEP AP 209 format. Finite element data are read from STEP and can be manipulated in memory, so translation can be implemented as soon as you have target data structures for that.


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Hi Andrey,

 Awesome! I've found the document of Package StepFEA and StepElement. Thanks a lot for your help. I need some time to digest it.

 Best Regards.