Does StepToTopoDS_TranslateCompsiteCurve support a composite curve with conic segement?

As the title, I want to know whether the class StepToTopoDS_TranslateCompsiteCurve can convert a composite curve with one or more conic segment.
I have tried if all the segments are polyline(the form a closed wire), the result is correct.
But when I use one conic segment replace a polyline, such as a trimmed circle(with parameter instead of point), the result is wrong, the result shape is very strange.
So is there ever similar data which can get the correct result?
Any idea is preferred, thanks in advance!

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Dear xumingstar,
The specified class (StepToTopoDS_TranslateCompsiteCurve) should translate a composite curve with conic segments.

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If you have some test data on hand, would you please suggest someone to have a test?

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I'm afraid there is an defect here. But I don't have the sample STEP file. I'm using IFC file.