Doxygen problems with handles


when creating documentation for my source code with doxygen I quite often recognize that doxygen has problems with handles. For example this declaration

Handle(TColgp_HArray1OfPnt2d) HandleOutputPoints( std::vector Points);

causes the error message

Found ';' while parsing initializer list! (doxygen could be confused by a macro call without semicolon).

These errors even spread: if doxygen gets confused with one declaration it sometimes can't even understand the following declarations.

I have already played around with the doxygen parameters for macro expansion (i.e. I allowed macro expansion), but this did not help.

Does anyone know a workaround so that I get correct documentation without error messages?

Thank you,

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Forgot to add: I use doxygen on Windows and on Linux.

Is there no one experiencing the same problems?

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Dear Benjamin,
You may try the trick we use in OCCT doc generator.
Define Handle and other OCCT-specific macros In Doxyfile as follows:



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Thank you very much! This works. For those who want to try the same trick: MACRO_EXPANSION should be set to YES in the doxyfile for the predefines to be used.