Draw Elbow

i want to draw an piping elbow. could any one please help me?

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Sorry I'm not familliar with link on thi forum :


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Dear Sebastien
It was very useful, thanks. I want to draw a pipe elbow with wall thickness. Do you have any idea?

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Well I was about to propose you to use a TopoDS_Face as a profile, but it seems it's not supported. Maybe I'm wrong I need to have a closer look or someone confirm us it can't work.
By the way une can build 2 pipe surfaces and close the solid creating 2 flat faces using this exemple : http://neweopencascade.wordpress.com/2014/03/01/post1/

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Here is a way to achieve what you describe, maybe it's not the best way and any suggestions are welcome.


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Hi Mohammand,
I think you can use BRepPrimAPI_MakeThickSolid to have a try.
You can also use a bigger Elbow to cut a smaller elbow. :-)

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