Hello everyone. I just installed the latest openCASCADE version when I try to run draw.bat
I get the following error. Has anyone else encountered the same problem?

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If it is windows installation, you can directly invoke 'draw test harness'
from the 'startup' menu.

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Dear Aris,
See chapter "Overview \ Getting Started \ Experimenting with Draw Test Harness" of OCCT 6.7.1 html documentation available with the release.
Best regards

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Thank you for your answers. I looked again at the documentation and the problem remains. drawexe does not even open. I have tried using the start menu, the draw.bat script and invoking the drawexe.exe directly. All give me the same
result(which can be seen in the attached image of my original post)

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Have you tried re installing occ?

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Yes I have tried the re installation option but it also
did not work for me. The solution after all was that I
performed a format to my computer and everything works.