dsp files for OpenCASCADE 3.0


has somebody the dsp files ( Visual C++ project workspace ) for OpenCASCADE 3.0 ?

I would like to compile the 3.0 version with Visual C++ on NT , but the dsp files are missing.

I have seen that the dsp and dsw files are delived with 4.0 , but I need the stable version of OpenCASCADE.

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Hi !

I don't think there was any .dsp files included with 3.0.... you have to make them yourself....

(Correct me if I am wrong here)


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Hi ,

Yes I know.

But I would like to know if somebody already done it ; I don't really want to generate them if somebody already have them , that I can modified to pass my path and settings.


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dsp (and dsw) files will be available in stable version 3.1 that will be released very soon. I have tested them and they work fine. You will have : One dsp for each .dll file, one .dsw (workspace) for building an entire module and one .dsw file for re-building the entire OpenCascade set.

Best regards.

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Hi. Can you explain the versioning schemas. I have cascade40DEv from the web. And you are saying you will release 3.1 soon ! Am i missing something.