Is email subscription still working ?

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Sorry for spam but I just noticed that I was not getting auto-emails from this forum for several last days/weeks. Thought people went for vacations ;-).
My profile still has "Subscribe to forum" checked but nothing was received at :-( (nothing in Spam box either). The country was reset to Afganistan though ;-).
Did anyone notice the same issue or am I the only victim ?

My apologies if there were posts asking for my response - I simply did not get them.

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Just confirming these symptoms...

Hmm, maybe it was considered as privacy violation ... ;-)


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Hi Roman,

Can you please go through this thread and give me suggestions.

and also, I have a doubt about the class ShapeAnalysis_Wire. I used this class in order to check if the wire I have is a closed one or not using the functions "CheckClosed" and "CheckConnected". My code for this is ::
TopoDS_Wire Wire=....;
ShapeAnalysis_Wire SW;
cout<<"\n CLOSED WIRE";
cout<<"\n CLOSED WIRE";

The "Wire" I loaded to the function is a "CLOSED WIRE" according to the function "Wire.Closed()".
But, the above code does not return the output "CLOSED WIRE". I am confused why the CheckClosed() and CheckConnected() functions does not return true.

Can you please explain me the objective of these 2 functions?

Thanks a lot in advance

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I also 'subscribed', but when I receive e-mails they just say someone will be on vacation from date x to y.

I also use a gmail address, and, well, that is all I receive from the forum.

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I am also not getting any mails for the last few weeks.
But as I type, I have received 4 e-mails from forum which
were May dated .. strange !!!!!
I have even lodged a complaint to our mail server manager too :)
I also use 'gmail' id.

- PG

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I just chatted with the folks in the team. They got it fixed. My inbox is now flooded with May dated posts as well ;-).
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