Empty images when exporting to bitmap

Good morning everybody,

I am experiencing some strange behavior. If I try to export the contents of my viewport to an image (*.bmp, *.gif), I will only get an empty background. This does not only happen in my own test application, it happens in the examples provided by OCC, too. Might that be an issue with different OpenGL versions?

By the way: exporting to *.emf works nicely.

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Hi, I reopen this thred because I have the same problem.
I try the ImportExport mfc sample but when I export an image (bmp, gif, xwd), the result is a gray empty image.
If I export in ps or emf format, all works.

What can I do?

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Hi Matteo,

Could you tell us what are your OS name and version/Video hardware/OpenGL Driver?


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Hi Thomas,

Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit
NVIDIA GeForce 9300 GE, driver version 197.45
OpenGL version 3.2

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Any idea?
I've tried with four different Windows 7 computers with different graphic cards and I have always the same problem. I try with Windows Xp and all works.
Does anybody have Dump method works in Windows 7?

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Hi matteo,

did you find a solution?
Best regards,

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Hi Guys ! I think that OCC can't work with Opengl version more that 1.0. Also this problem with Linux, OpenGL ver. 1.2 and more.

ToPixMap can't work with new version of OpenGL, It's working only for Windows XP or Debian 4.0