Encountered problems with OCC660

I am trying to build OCC660 from WOK660.

I am working on Windows7 and Visual C++2010.
My computer is a new computer : there was no previous release of OCC installed on it.

I have installed OCC660.
I have installed WOK660.

The first launch of work was normal.
I have made the ros workbench corresponding to the install directory of OCC660.

(I chose the following options : win32.)

I used wprocess to build OCC from wok.

wprocess -DGroups=Src, Xcpp, SchXcpp is ok.
wprocess -DGroups=Obj : the compiler ask me to add the DWNT option.

Displayed message : ... Standard_Macro.hxx(40) : fatal error C1189: #error : "Wrong compiler options has been detected. Add /DWNT option for proper compilation !!!!!!"

Is it normal ?

I have added this option in the CSF_WNT.edl file.

Then the step wprocess -DGroups=obj gave good results.

wprocess -DGroups=Dep is ok.
wprocess -DGroups=Lib crashed.

Example of displayed error :
Dynamic_StringParameter.obj : error LNK2001: symbole externe non résolu : "public: virtual void __thiscall Standard_Storable::Delete(void)" ....

Has someone already met this problem ?



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Dear Denis,

We have checked the posted problem and can report you that it is not reproduced.
I suggest you to:
- download once again binary WOK package (http://files.opencascade.com/delivery/download/wokSetup6.6.0.1.exe)
- install binary WOK package
1.Follow strictly the specified guide instructions http://files.opencascade.com/delivery/download/OCCT_Build_with_WOK_V2.pdf.
2. Don't forget to use relevant 3rdparty products - http://www.opencascade.org/getocc/download/3rdparty/

If you will not succeed you may contact us via the Contact Form http://www.opencascade.org/about/contacts/.
We will try to find a solution/workaround acceptable for you.
Best regards

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I have built OCC following the specified guide instructions.
The building process works fine.
The launch of draw executable works fine.

Nevertheless, I have some questions :
1. from wok660 the compilation of occ by wprocess -Dgroups=Obj works fine.
wprocess -DGroups=Dep works fine.
wprocess -DGroups=Lib,Exec crashes. Why ?
Is it possible to perform the links without launching visual studio ?

2. from wok660, I have added my workbench refw2010 as follows :
wcreate -f ros refw2010
Then I have added some UD (packages, toolkits).
I was not very surprise when wprocess -DGroups=Lib,Exec crashes.

I tried to use the following method :

:LOC:dev:refw2010> wgenproj -target=vc10 -no_wprocess
the 'vc10' target has been applied
skip wprocess

I can not find the files used by visual studio in order to build my workbench following a similar method used to build occ.

Example :
:LOC:dev:refw2010> cd adm
:LOC:dev:refw2010> ls

Is it normal ?

What is the normal process to build my workbench ?

3. Is it the end of wok to build an application ?
This tool is nice ...



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Dear Denis,
The "Workshop Organization Kit User’s Guide" is at your disposal together with binary WOK package (see wok.pdf in 'doc' sub-directory). You may find answers in this document.
Once again if you need our professional technical support you may contact us via the Contact Form http://www.opencascade.org/about/contacts/.
Best regards

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Where is the documentation about wgenproj ?

There is nothing in wok.pdf.

Is this command able to deal with any workbench ?


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Dear Denis,
'wgenproj' command is described in the document "Building OCCT with WOK" referred before in my first answer to you => http://files.opencascade.com/delivery/download/OCCT_Build_with_WOK_V2.pdf.
Be more careful, please.
Best regards