Equality of TopoDS_Face

I have two TopoDS_Shapes, the second is created through a cut operation with the first shape as the cutter. I want to create a user AIS_Shape which colours the faces created by the cut operation.

So far I have used a topo explorer to iterate the FACES of the first and second shapes, which I now need to compare, however the IsEqual() method always returns false. I have also tried computing the HashCode(10000) for each of the faces which also is never the same.

--I am testing with MakeBox(x,y,z) so three faces should be the same.

I presume that the cut operation is creating new topology for its shape and hence the comparator is returning false. If so, is there a way to find if two TopoDS_Faces (created independantly) are the same in terms of geometry, location and orientation?

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David Bramall

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Refer to the OCC documentation.

IsPartner() -> Same TShape IsSame() -> Same TShape and TopLoc_Location IsEqual() -> Same TShape, TopLoc_Location and


But, if you(or the cutter) made two faces from different geom_surfaces, any of them would not return 'true'.

If you want to know whether two faces have same geom_surface, try this.

Handle_GeomSurface s1=BRep_Tool::Surface(f1,l1); Handle_GeomSurface s2=BRep_Tool::Surface(f2,l2);

if(s1==s2){//same Geom_Surface

} else{


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Did you find any solution for comparing two shapes, because comparison at Geometry level is also not working.

Sharad Verma

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Sorry to bump an old post, but has anyone found a viable solution for this? I also tested BOPTools_AlgoTools::CheckSameGeom() and it is also not working.


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As a final update on this isse, BOPTools_AlgoTools::CheckSameGeom() works! It was failing before because I performed rotations on the model that held one of the faces for comparison... So because the faces were not occupying the same place the check would obviously fail.

Thanks again!