Error after upgrading to 6.9.0 regarding CSF_ShadersDirectory and CASROOT environment variables

After upgrading from version 6.8.0 to 6.9.0 (without changing code, just rebuilding the application), I'm getting an error regarding GLSL. Btw, I'm not using any GLSL shader code ... unless OCCT's V3d_Viewer is indirectly.

My application gives the following error message:

Both environment variables CSF_ShadersDirectory and CASROOT are undefined!
At least one should be defined to use standard GLSL programs.

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Dear Ben,
since 6.9.0 release, OCCT uses GLSL programs for basic functionality when provided by driver (not just custom GLSL programs explicitly specified by user).
There is no option to disable this functionality, thus your application should configure CSF_ShadersDirectory to proper location in addition to other OCCT resources.
We will take to update description of CSF_ShadersDirectory variable in OCCT documentation.

Best regards

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Can you tell me how to configure these environment variables? Is there a OCCT directory that they should use? Again, I don't have any shader programs that I'm using ... so I'm assuming it's looking for something in OCCT.

What is a proper location for the shader directory?

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Either one of these worked for me:
qputenv("CASROOT", "C:/opencascade-6.9.0"); // Appends with "/src/Shaders"
qputenv("CSF_ShadersDirectory", "C:/opencascade-6.9.0/src/Shaders");