error C2661: 'new' : no overloaded function takes 3 parameters

Hi everyone,

I tring to do my first OCC project by new. I copied preprocessor dirctives from mfc samples but I always get

"error C2661: 'new' : no overloaded function takes 3 parameters"

in, for example, "new V3d_Viewer". In general in every new Handle statement.

What I'm missing ?

Thankyou in advance


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I started of using the c#-Example, but transcoded it to a c++ - Dll.

The initialization of mine looks like this:

TCollection_ExtendedString a3DName("Visu3D");
myViewer = new V3d_Viewer( myGraphicDevice, a3DName.ToExtString(),"", 1000.0,
V3d_XposYnegZpos, Quantity_NOC_GRAY30,
Standard_True, Standard_False);

And works flawlessly for me.

Do you include v3d_viwer.hxx?
And do you link against TKV3d.lib?

The samples make use of the stdafx.h for inclusion of header files, so maybe you do include a stdafx.h into your project, but hte required header files are not included from there?

Just a few random thoughts of mine, hope they help you.

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Hello Ezio,

This is caused by the overloaded new operator for MFC debug builds
Try commenting out the following lines in your source file(s)

#ifdef _DEBUG
#undef THIS_FILE
static char THIS_FILE[]=__FILE__;
#define new DEBUG_NEW

I have been bitten by it a few times in the past.


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Hi Arjan,

thanks so much. Your suggestion solved my problem.