error: compiler is out of heap space , Vtk + Opencascade

Hi Sir!

i can't compile because the follow error is occurred.
fatal error C1060: compiler is out of heap space
Error executing cl.exe.

I use vc6.0 and I use the Opencascade plus vtk.

Without Vtk setting, I can compile Opencascade.
But, with vtk setting, i cannot compile.

after vtk forum search, i found the VTK_USE_ANSI_STDLIB complie option.
so I add inclued "VTK_USE_ANSI_STDLIB" in my project
but no effect.

and I add inclued /Zm1000 in my project.
but error: compiler is out of heap space displayed.

Help me..
i don't know how do i solve this problem.

thanks in advanced.

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I'm also a OCC newbie, but I know that it is a HUGE project. And VTK is pretty huge too. So the cheap solution might be to simply add more physical memory (RAM)? A more manual solution might be to compile each lib individually (cd lib xx; make), then link everything (not statically, of course, as it will make a HUGE exe you might not be able to execute because of insufficient RAM). I hope this helps.

I always wondered, what is the difference between OCC and VTK? I mean, why use 'both'? My impression (so far) is that their functionalities overlap pretty much. I mean, you essentially can draw in 3d space with either one. OCC has better CAD-like demo, while VTK's medical visualisation is more impressive (and python support :). Oh yeah, VTK has also some nice books published, and community seems a little more active, but maybe that's just my impression.
Well, just wondering.


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Out of curiosity, how 'long' does it take you to compile OCC libs
(what processor and how much physical RAM are you using)?


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have tried building the workspaces one after each other? So don't use OCC.dsw but the smaller ones and build OCC with these workspaces?
As far as I know is "VTK_USE_ANSI_STDLIB" for newer compilers loke VC7