Error "Could not open TKDCAF" while using DRAWEXE.exe

Hello opencascade community.

I try to use DRAWEXE.
First of all I use the command
> pload ALL

OCCT load several plug-in and view the message:
Could not open TKDCAF: cannot find the specified module

TKDCAF.dll exists and is not missing.
Does any one know this message and its consequences ?


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Dear Jean-Yves,
It means that your environment settings are incorrect.
The next post may be useful for you

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I had the same problem.

In my case, the reason was that ftgl_dynamic_MTD.dll could not be found.

If you recompiled the 3rd party libraries yourself, you have to create a bin-folder in "%FTGLDIR% and put the dll there, because env.bat adds "%FTGLDIR%\bin" to the PATH in order to look for the DLL.