Error with DFBrowser in OpenCASCADE6.3 and mandriva linux 2010.0

Hi, I have compiled with no errors opencscade6.3 on mandriva linux 2010.0.
I have installed opencascade in /opt/OpenCASCADE.

I assign values to all variables referenced into the file, using export command, and DRAWEXE works.
I run ./DRAWEXE , and I write pload ALL.In this moment I get this error

Draw[1]>pload ALL
Cannot load Debug Browser library.DFBrowser command is not attached

I take a look around here
and in this moment I realized that I haven´t any /tool folder in /opt/OpenCASCADE, like comment Aurélien RIOU in the linked post.

I've compiled opencascade with this options

autoreconf -fi
flags="--with-tcl=/usr/lib/tcl8.6 \
--with-tk=/usr/lib/tk8.6 --disable-debug --enable-production \
--enable-wrappers=yes --enable-wok=yes \
--enable-draw=yes --with-java-include=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.6.0-sun-"
./configure $flags --prefix=${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}

Would I need some external module like this?

At the moment I can see only a very little window called DRAW with a few options,File, views,displays,curves,surfaces

You can see this image to have an idea

Thanks in advance

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Hi braviss,

I'm looking for for 64 bit. I posted about it but nobody helped me with dynamic lib. Just received another way to browse my doc.

Please, someone could help? Where could be downloaded? (on my case 64bits)

Thank You in Advance,