Error in GCPnts_AbscissaPoint

I have a problem with GCPnts_AbscissaPoint. It should compute 100 points on a curve, but it does compute 101 points. Here is the code example:

GeomAdaptor_Curve acrv(crv);
TColgp_Array1OfPnt pkte(1, 100);
GCPnts_UniformAbscissa algo(acrv, 100);
if(algo.IsDone() && algo.NbPoints() > 0)
int n = algo.NbPoints();

The last two points are equal. Does anybody knows this problem and has found a solution?

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I have not solved this problem, but I found, that it will only occur if the curve has been interpolated from exactly 100 points.

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I also used GCPnts_* class to compute uniform distribution of
points on an ellipse.

If I create an ellipse with major/minor as 100/50 units, the
API computes 10 points if I want 10 points.
But if the ellipse becomes sharper i.e make an ellipse with
100/15 units, the function 'NbPoints' computes 11 points
instead of required 10.
I checked the parameter of 10 and 11th point, it is
6.28317 and 6.28319 respectively.
Theoretically the last/10th point parameter should have been 6.28318 and no 11th point to be created.

Is it a bug or is there an alternative API which is better than
GCPnts_* class ?