error run

hi, there.

I installed the OpenCASCADE 6.1.0, and the system reminded me that I had installed successfully. however, an error arised when i try to run any MFC sample where it showed that it could not posited the input point of the programme and cannot link the TKernel.dll. By the way, i used to install the OpenCASCADE 4.0 im my computer and the operation system of my computer is a chinese version

Could you tell me how to solve this problem?

best regards.

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By default the examples used debug libs and dlls (in libd and dlld folders). Either compile OCC in debug mode or change your projects to link to the release libs.

If you compile debug libs, you need to change the environment to point to your debug TKOpenGL.dll - there are about 3 (and a half) ways of doing this.

Change the environment in the operating system.
Change the run-time environment for the process dynamically in the application (for instance, see the code in "exoTK" to show to do this)
Change the environment in Visual Studio
(or finally I changed OCC itself to support a CSF_GraphicShrDebug environment variable.)

Although I haven't done it yet , its probably worth changing OCC to create "d" suffixes or prefixes for the debug builds in the same as MFC/Qt does as it enables simpler PATH environment management (that's one of my projects for the week-end).

Good luck