Error Running Opencascade -> Drawexe


I am trying to run the Drawexe program from OpenCascade, but I am having some issues.

To begin with, I have installed Opencascade package by downloading the Salome 6.4.0 package from htt:// Then I ran the Salome Install Wizard to install just the Opencascade package (I have unselected all the modules). Then, I ran the following command to execute DRAWEXE.

/home/salome_6.4.0# source
/home/salome_6.4.0# DRAWEXE

Then I get the menu bar of the program, as shown in the attached image. However, when I tried to click on any of the buttons in the menu bar, they do not respond at all. Is there a way to resolve this issue.

The following is my system configuration.

Debian 6.0.4 (Squeeze 64 bit)
Kernel 2.6.32-5-amd64
Gnome 2.30.2

Graphic Card: Nvidia GT 430

Please advise.

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Graphic Card: Nvidia Geforce GT 430