Error in tutorial

There is a mistake in the tutorial, on the page dedicated to environment variables ...

CSF_UnitsLexicon should point on the file ...\UnitsAPI\Lexi_Expr.dat instead of ...\UnitsAPI\LexiExpr.dat (with no underscore) as it is written ...

Could somebody correct this ?


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I don't understand your request. There is no lie on the word CSF_UnitsLexicon. Could you be more explicite. Thank you for your interest.

patrice carrier.

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When you use the tutorial to generate your environment variables, you get : ... set CSF_UnitsLexicon=c:\opencascade\src\UnitsAPI\LexiExpr.dat ...

BUT it should be : ... set CSF_UnitsLexicon=c:\opencascade\src\UnitsAPI\Lexi_Expr.dat ...

The .dat file is Lexi_Expr.dat and not LexiExpr.dat.

That's all !