Error in using SALOME ??????

By using GEOMAlgo_Splitter in SALOME, the system prompts the crash error: "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002)". When I delete the function(GEOMAlgo_Splitter), the system is working well.

Does anybody encounter this kind of error ???

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How can I build Salome on Win32? Please help.

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CheckOut HEAD revision using SVN from :

Then under ./adm folder you can choose the folder containing your corresponding project files.


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Also be aware this is not the whole package of SALOME but a backport from original SALOME-GEOM module containing some changes.Check :


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0xc0150002 error according to microsoft is an error with Microsoft office! However this is not the case.

This is caused by a Manifest error most probably from mixing dll's from different versions of Visual C++. There are some runtime distributions in for example 2005
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
8\VC\redist which may help. Or perhaps you did what I did and compile the lib with 2008. Inthis case I got the same error but was unable to cure it. Iwas though able to by recompiling on 2005. Hope this helps.
What makes it really tough is that the code usually works on the compiling pc but then fails when deployed even if you have all the files. So what we did was simply revert to 2005 and it all worked.

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Thanks for your consideration. I have fixed it.

I carelessly compiled the SALOME with VS2005 in "use MFC with shared dll" and generated the GEOM_ALGO.dll. Then I used the generated dll in my project which is being developed in VC6 environment. When I run my project, the dll works well because the I have installed VS2005 in my computer. While I run the project in other computer which has not installed VS2005, it fails consequently. Therefore, I re-compiled the SALOME in "static" static and then it is working now.

I hope my explaination makes sense. Thanks a lot.