Error while installing (relinking) OpenCascade 6.4

I have been trying to compile opencascade 6.3 on my machine and I am getting this error in all libraries except for

libtool: install: error: relink `' with the above command before installing it

If you need it I can paste you all the output, but this happens after calling libtool. I'm using the flags in the README.txt with the exception of the prefix which has been changed.


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Can't edit, I meant OpenCascade 6.3, of course.

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Same problem for me too.


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I found a workaround by "manually" install the libraries.
After running make you can find the libraries (with extension .0.0.0U) in /ros/adm/make/*/.libs
Copy all the libraries in /lib and change extensions from .0.0.0U in .0.0.0 than create symbolic link for .so

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There must be earlier problems. This appears if "make install" tries to install a library which does not yet exist.

Cheers, Torsten