Evaluation of faces... one last question.....

Hi again !

I.ll gibe this a shoot and see if I can get an anser on this one.

It look's like a box shape is created out of 6 infinite planes, and when I explore the box and get each face the bounds are huge (-2.0e+100 to 2.0e+100) is this correct ?, if so, how can I use D0(u,v) to find out the points on the face ?, I need to know the edges of it, is there a way to do this ?.

I am on the right track here or am I just fishing in a dead pond here ?


Francois Lauzon's picture

Hi Mikael, my guess would be to explore one of your six TopoDS_Face, the same way you did with your solid, and you should find 4 vertex and 4 edges. So you don't need to even get to the Geom_Surface, you could get youer edges from the topology directly.

Good Luck. Francois.