Examples using the library fltk


I'm doing a free tool in open cascade for windows and i want to use
the library fltk but in the documentacion there are any example using
this library, if someone have examplos with this library or a link when
i can see more information and examples with fltk.

Thanks a lot

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Hello Carlos,

As far as I know, OCC has two couplings with Fltk:
- OCAF document browser (see Technical doc > Reference Documentation > Development Tools > OCAF Browser), implemented with Qt, Fltk and TclTk
- The Kitchen Sample (part of Advanced Samples Pack - http://www.opencascade.org/support/products/advsamples/).

The latter is exactly what you are looking for. Note however that you need to purchase source code license for that Pack.
You might also consider wxWidgets (former wxWindows) which is much more matture than Fltk, imho. I remember there were several threads discussing coupling OCC-wxWidgets.