.exe file ?

I just installed OpenCASCADE_win32 but for some reason I dont find the right .exe file to run the program.
The installation was successful and I installed all options, but when I look through all folders I dont seem to find the .exe file to open the main program.
All I found was the DRAWEXE file , which opens a small window with not alot of functions.
Any ideas where I can find th right .exe files in all those folders?
Or do I need to download some additional files?
Please any help would be appreciated.
If the installer would create a desktop icon it would be a little easier :)


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I am not sure that OpenCascade is what you expected, Open Cascade is a set of libraries to build your own graphics applications, it is not a complete CAD application or anything like that.

There are a number of demo applications and the TCL demo that you can use as a "console" application to test OCC functions, but I am not sure that is what you are looking for.