Executeable application step/igs to stl

Dear OCCT enthusiasts,

I would need a small terminal application in linux, which takes a step and/or iges file as input and writes out an stl file of this geometry. Optionally it would be great if I could set the refinement of the surface triangulation of the stl file, but this is not a must.. It would be something like the Import Export application which comes with the full installation of Open Cascade only without the gui.. 

I can do it over the existing gui application if I have to convert a couple of files, but if I have to convert >100 files the clicking becomes tedious. 

Would this be possible in your eyes? Which headers and c-Files would I have to compile? I appreciate any help. Thanks!


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Hello Jozsef,

If you are experienced in C++ programming, you might create a simple console application based on the code of our Import Export sample GUI application.

Have a look at the file .\opencascade-7.1.0\samples\mfc\standard\Common\ImportExport\ImportExport.cpp, methods such as:



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