exoTKAD project : survey


Hi everybody,

As you perhaps know, I'm working on an OpenSource library (exoTK) which will be use to develop an OpenSource 3d modeler based on OpenCASCADE : exoTKAD ( http://www.exotk.org ).
The last year, I was very busy, so I didn't had time to continue with this project.

But now, I'm ready to continue.

The reason why I'm posting this note is to have your comments on the project.
The main question is : What do you want to see in the modeler. ( keep in mind that it will be developped with OpenCASCADE in my spare time, so please, be realistic).
I have tasks in mind, but I need to prioritize them, and perhaps add new features I didn't thought about.

So, I'm waiting for your comments, suggestions, etc...

You can send suggestions to the list, or send me directly a mail to stephane.routelous@exotk.org

Thanks a lot for your inputs.