Exporting to an IGES file ?


I have a problem with OpenCascade's export routines. How can I translate my GeomAPI_PointsToBSplineSurface to IGES entities?



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Dear Damir,

In fact, GeomAPI_PointsToBSplineSurface is not an object representing a surface of Open CASCADE. For that, descendants of Geom_Surface are intended. GeomAPI_PointsToBSplineSurface is rather an algorithmic tool that constructs a surface from a grid of points. Resulting surface (which is of the type Geom_BSplineSurface) is returned by method GeomAPI_PointsToBSplineSurface::Surface. Nonetheless, this method serves also as type cast to Geom_BSplineSurface.

To export that resulting surface to an IGES, you can use method IGESControlStd_Writer::AddGeom. For details how to create and correctly initialize object IGESControlStd_Writer, please refer to relevant documentation and samples.

Best regards, Roman

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Hello Roman,

Thank you very much for jour help at my problem about IGES file. During the last 4 days I tried to exporting an IGES file, but it was resultless. I am new at CAS.CADE and one example would help me by understanding details how to writing an IGES file. My code is:


Handle (Geom_BSplineSurface) BS = GeomAPI_PointsToBSplineSurface (array12,3,8, GeomAbs_C2,0.1);

TopoDS_Shape S1 = BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace(BS);

Handle (AIS_Shape)Face = new AIS_Shape(S1);


//Exporting to an IGES file

IGESControlStd_Writer writer;

IGESControlStd_Writer :: AddGeom;

Interface_Static::CVal ("XSTEP.iges.unit");

Standard_Boolean ok = writer.AddShape(S1);

Standard_Boolean ok = writer.Write ("S1.igs");

Best regards, Damir.