Exporting from STEP to glb error

Hi , so i'm trying to export from step to glb .

when trying to debug , if i remove the last line in the code it compiles fine .
Now i get this error :

/usr/local/include/opencascade/Standard_Handle.hxx: In instantiation of ‘opencascade::handle::handle(const T*) [with T = Message_ProgressIndicator]’:
/home/tawfik/Desktop/projects/opencascade-step-to-gltf-converter/debug.cpp:74:54: required from here
/usr/local/include/opencascade/Standard_Handle.hxx:62:54: error: cannot convert ‘Message_ProgressIndicator*’ to ‘Standard_Transient*’ in initialization
62 | handle (const T *thePtr) : entity(const_cast(thePtr))
| ^~~~~~
| |
| Message_ProgressIndicator*

I'm i doing things wrong ? help would be really appreciated .

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Include Message_ProgressIndicator.hxx