Extract only solid from shape


I have a problem with extracting a solid from a shape. I have a shape with this specifications:

FACES : 102
WIRES : 102
EDGES : 404
Compounds: 1
CompSolids: 0

Now I want to get only the solid, but without all unnecessary faces. When using TopExp_Explorer Ex(myShape,TopAbs_SOLID) - I get the Solid and ALL other faces and edges. Is there the possibility to get only the shape without the faces in the middle of the solid?

Thanks in advance!

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The solid is based on other underlying topology objects - always one closed shell, the closed shell is based on couple of faces and so on. As far as I know, the data is kept only in the underlying objects. If you just want to reject the faces, you could you TopExp_Explorer::Depth() to limit the traversal only at the desired level. Or try to use the third parameter of the constructor and set it to TopoAbs_FACE.


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TopExp_Explorer::Depth() sounds interesting, but I could not find any examples. Maybe someone here who has used this function in a similar context?

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std::vector theSolidVec;

for ( TopoExp_Explorer Ex(myShape, TopAbs_SOLID); Ex.More(); Ex.Next() ) {

TopoDS_Shape theSolid = TopoDS::Solid( Ex.Current());
theSolidVec.push_back( theSolid );

for ( std::vectro::iterator shape = theSolidVec.begin()
; shape != theSolidVec.end()
; ++shape )
myAISContext->Display(Handle(AIS_Shape)(new AIS_Shape(*shape),Standard_False );

If you want to get the face of the shape, you could use TopExp_Explorer(myShape, TopAbs_FACE).