Extracting shapes from STEP File.

Dear Cascade Technology Community,

I need to work on simple shape extractor from a STEP file, I've written a parser already which generates usable hierachy, I end with a tree of connected step data fields, however I just cannot figure out how to extract parts from this (since it's a assembly), in this case using the Open Cascade library is way too much overhead, so I was wondering how I can extract the parts from it.


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Hi,Bro,will you open your code with parser, I'm interested in it.

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Personally I would love to, however (what a surprise) It's closed source! I need to write this for a company, and just like all the other selfish bastards they're keeping the source code for themselves, so even If I find a elegant solution to the problem, the issue remains. It would really help me though if someone knew how to extract parts from a STEP assembly.

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You are nice, have you try XDE or OCAF, I though XDE is useful in assemble,but I also new in OCCT. Bless you.