Extracting Topology

Hi All!
I am new OCC user. I want to extract topology details and present them. For Example, i can create box TopoDS_Shape B1 = BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox (200.,150.,100.);

B1 contains all the details about box, i wish to present the topological structure of this box, such as divide this box into faces,edge and vertex. And when the user clicks face, i like to show the connected edges and vertex of that face.

i would also like to know how to store the details of the B1(box here) after creation. It should be stored in somewhere, i like to know the exact class where it is declared. I gone through the documentation, either not clear or i can't understand.

Help me with this. Expecting reply as soon as possible


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for exploring topology take a look at TopExp_Explorer. For storing creation details like your box take a look at OCAF. The samples gives you hints how to use this classes.