Faces from cylindrical and conical surfaces

I am creating cylindrical or conical surfaces from Geom_Cylindricalsurface and Geom_conical.. (unbounded surfaces)

But when i am trying to bound it by adding wires (wires, in generate as 3d edges bounding the face) my face construction also gets completed successfully. (I get true for MakeFace::IsDone() function)
But while viewing i get only the unbounded surfaces and the wires being shown.
Somebody please help me out where the mistake could be.


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Sorry for being a bit unclear.

Problem i have is, the faces are not getting restricted to the bounds. In display only the unbounded surface is shown by two infinite long lines and one circle. The wire i am using is also shown.
But the face is not getting restricted to the wire and shaded.
Please help me where the problem could be.