Faces with the same single geometry

Suppose I have a TopTools_IndexedMapOfShape m_FaceMap, and I want to divide them into a set of groups. Each group contains all the faces in m_FaceMap with the same geometry (both in geometric type and geometric equation). How could I do it? Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Ming,

Frankly speaking, don’t see an issue here – just iterate and classify.
You might want to distribute into the map like:
to enable faster classification per surface type. Then compare a definition of a current surface with First()’s of every list. If it matches – append to that list, if not – init a new list and add it into the top list. To compare definitions of surfaces you might use:

Handle(Geom_Surface) aHS1 = …, aHS2 = …;
const Geom_Surface& aS1 = *(aHS1.operator->());
const Geom_Surface& aS2 = *(aHS2.operator->());

if (aS1 == aS2) {


Be aware that you will compare doubles, so this can be prone to accuracy problems in general case.

Good luck.

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Hi, Roman,
Thank you very much for your reply. What I am worried is that whetherif (aS1 == aS2) would work well. When I try it, I get the following error. Do you know the reason?

error: no match for 'operator==' in 'aS1 == aS2'
/opt/OpenCASCADE/include/Handle/Standard/Transient.hxx:115: error: candidates
are: int operator==(const Standard_Transient*, const

Thanks again.