fails to read a STEP file (OCCT 7.7.0)

I attempted to read a STEP file using STEPCAFControl_Reader,

but the program crashes when I call the Transfer.

My current code is as follows:

Handle(XCAFApp_Application) hApp = XCAFApp_Application::GetApplication(); 
Handle(TDocStd_Document) hDoc; 
hApp->NewDocument(TCollection_ExtendedString("MDTV-CAF"), hDoc);

STEPCAFControl_Reader aReader; 


This issue only occurs with this specific STEP file (which I have attached below), the crashes are almost never encountered with other STEP files.

I can import this STEP file without any crashes using FreeCAD 2.0.

Could it be that version 7.7 has trouble parsing this STEP file?

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Ticket created: 0033680: Data Exchange - Crash while while reading a STEP file - MantisBT (

Waiting for analyzing.

Best regards, Dmitrii.

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Thanks for your response.
Can this STEP file be parsed without errors on a higher version?

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Hello, 7.8 release fixed issue.

Best regards, Dmitrii.

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Thank you for your response. Since we have been developing under version 7.7 for a while and have also purchased other components of the same version, could this error be fixed in version 7.7? We are willing to pay additional technical service fees.

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The issue inside .hxx file. There will be problem with backward compatibility. And it will be a difficult to have this support :( Unfortunatelly, we have some low boundary for requests :(

Best regards, Dmitrii.