Fastest way to mesh large amount of planar faces


i have a performance problem with the OpenCASCADE Meshing algorithm. In my example i am showing lots of objects (10 thousands) which consist only of planar faces (they all have in most cases 4 edges).

The geometry of the surfaces is always GeomAbs_Plane and the geometry of edges is GeomAbs_Line.

The time needed to show such objects differs from 0.1 to (maximal for some cases) 1 second.

With that amount of objects i need 3 minutes to create the TopoDS_Shapes and more than 7 minutes to create the meshes.

I mesh the TopoDS_Shape objects with BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh lMesh(shape, 0.001);

I dont want to run the algorithm parallel, becuase the TopoDS_Shapes are already created in a parallel mode.

Any ideas or maybe hints what do i do wrong or how can i speed the process up?

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Any ideas?

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Hi Robert,

Since your shapes are created in parallel mode, why not tessellate them immediately at the same parallel pipeline. BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh is thread-safe. Just try it.

Another solution is to use Delaunay Triangulator. That's a public work by Jonathan Richard Shewchuk. Lots of companies and institutes use his code. But I am not sure whether it is thread-safe.


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Hi Cauchy,

Sorry, i thought i wrote it a little bit more precisely, the shapes are also tesselated in the parallel process.

As for the Delaunay Triangulator, is there any implementation for OpenCascade? I was unable to find any.

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Not sure if it will fulfill your requirements, but I'd suggest you to take a look at Netgen - which is a mesher that can read geometries in BRep/STEP/IGES formats.

Additionally, you could contact OpenCASCADE SAS in order to evaluate their commercially available mesher toolkits (Express Mesh and Mesh Framework).