Fatal Error During Graphic Initialisation

I have this message error

"Fatal Error During Graphic Initialisation" in the "SampleGeometry" MFC VC++ 6.0 / W95

I write "echo $ OPEN CASCADE CSF_GRAPHICSHR = c:\Cas3.0\windows_nt\dll\opengl.dll" in autoexec.bat, but I have always the same error.

I add next lines in source at top of file:

char *m_graphic;

/* Get the value of the GRAPHIC environment variable. */

m_graphic = getenv( "CSF_GRAPHICSHR" );

and m_graphic is empty ???

What is the problem ?



Leonid LIFSHITS's picture

Hello Francois-Xavier,

You have likely put wrong string in your autoexec.bat file. You can set variable CSF_GRAPHICSHR as following:

set CSF_GRAPHICSHR=c:\Cas3.0\windows_nt\dll\opengl.dll

Hope it will help you.