Fatal Error During Graphic Initialisation on NT

Hi, Running SampleGeometry.exe, I got Fatal Error During Graphic Initialisation message. I don't have any trouble to run 01 and 02 Samples. Is anybody tell me what's going on? Thank you.

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I solve the problem. Thank you for your concern.

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Tell me, please, how did you solve this problem. I have this problem too. Thank you for your help!

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I am also having the problem initializing 3d with windows 98. Please let me know how you solved the problem. Thank you

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Hi Dan,

I think you can find an answer to your question in the FAQ at point (1) "Required environment Variables". You have to set the CSF_GraphicShr Environment Variable to the location of your OpenGl.dll.

Best regards, Jan

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Perhaps we should change the source so that if CSF_GraphicShr is not defined it will look in
$CASROOT/`uname`/lib/libTKOpenGl.so ?
Or perhaps spit out a message to stdout saying that CSF_GraphicShr must be defined.
Perhaps this:
% mycasapp

Your application failed, if you want to know why, RTFM!!!!!!!!
Segmentation fault

I get tired of this same message being posted twice a week, how about you?