fatal error during unit initialisation


I've got a message when run 02_samples topology : 02_3_SampleTopologyBuilding in sample program (windows NT version) on beginnig... "fatal error during unit initialisation"

when click some icon. the program ends with an error message: "runtime error" ...... "abnormal program termination"

what's that problem!

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You have to set some environment variables. The documentation delivered with the archives is not complete. Have a look in the FAQ page.

Here is an example for Windows:

set CSF_MDTVFontDirectory=e:\cascade3.0\src\FontMFT\

set CSF_MDTVTexturesDirectory=e:\cascade3.0\src\Textures\

set CSF_UnitsDefinition=e:\cascade3.0\src\UnitsAPI\Units.dat

set CSF_UnitsLexicon=e:\cascade3.0\src\UnitsAPI\Lexi_Expr.dat

The FAQ page contains a bug. You have to write Lexi_Expr.dat instead of LexiExpr.dat!

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