Fatal Error in graphic initialisation

Hi everyone,

i m getting a error in Graphic initialisation in my 3D Viewer Application
the error is in Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice class
but not able to locate the reason.

Can any one tell me on what all reason Graphics initialisation may fail???


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Why don't you locate where it crashes in a debugger, that would make it much easier to find the problem, it is impossible to answer a question like "why does my program crash ?"

Does other OCC applications work ? in that case you have done something wrong in your code, if other applications fail also you may have a problem with your graphics hardware of some kind.

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Maybe he must link to the libs located in ros\libd directory and build debug version of OCC-dlls. Then he could debug & trace the error in the source code of OCC. The full build of all OCC-packages takes arround 1 hr on a modern machine.

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i was using OCC 5.0 till date and was working fine never had such problem
but in last month when i installed the OCC 6.2 and i started getting above error.But when i uninstalled the OCC 6.2 version the error doesnt cum any more.Graphic error i get is not only for my application but also it gives error for OCC Samples Exe's!!!