Fillet on a solid fails

Hello everyone, I am trying to make a fillet on the highlighted edge in the image. I attach the BREP file. I try with fillet of 1 mm.
Any ideas what is wrong on my site? Is it just a limitation of the fillet that this case cannot be handled? I tried in solidworks and parasolid makes expected fillet there.

Mikhail Sazonov's picture

Fillet is built on this edge using the following draw commands:

restore test.brep a
explode a e
fillet r a 1 a_12

The operation does not report any errors. However, the result shape is invalid (see the attached picture). Please feel free to report a bug on OCCT bug tracker.

Kostadin Vrantzaliev's picture

Thank you for this investigation. It is strange that this example is very typical especially for mechanical parts. I will report it.