Filleting produces null faces

After filleting cylinder/box fusion, the cylindrical surface of the cylinder cannot be meshed.

Output of BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet operation:

Interior extension at the start of guideline
FindFace : the extremity of the spine is not in the end face
FindFace : the extremity of the spine is not in the end face

COMPUTE: temps total 0.04s dont :
- Init + ExtentAnalyse 0s
- PerformSetOfSurf 0s
- PerformFilletOnVertex 0.03s
- FilDS 0s
- Reconstruction 0.01s
- SetRegul 0s

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BRepFilletAPI_MakeChamfer produces similar problem result.

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Dear james,
The problem is not in the mesher itself, but rather in previous fillet operation.
Your filleted shape is not valid.
Draw reproducer:
pload ALL
restore filletfuse2.brep s
checkshape s
## On Shape faulty_1 :
## BRepCheck_UnorientableShape
## Shape faulty_2 on shape faulty_1 :
## BRepCheck_NotClosed

## Faulty shapes in variables faulty_1 to faulty_2

You can simply try to fix it using :
fixshape r s
incmesh r 0.01
## Meshing statuses: NoError
So, now it is Ok.

You are also welcome to register the failure of the fillet operation (which produces not valid result) via the Collaborative portal -