Find a bug of OCC6.6.0

I try to the new OCC 6.6.0,and recompile all file with vs2008,But I find a bug of texture like these:
1.SetBackgroundImage of V3d_View does not work.
2.AIS_TexturedShape can't set texture file (*.BMP or GIF),Also does not work.

And I have find out the cause:
Because OCC 6.6.0 use the freeimage, and the freeimage is optional,The default setting is trun off.
But "Image_AlienPixMap::Load" function will be return when trun off freeimage .So,the texture functions fail.
I recommend that "Image_AlienPixMap::Load" can load the *.BMP or PPM file when some users don't want to use freeimage(including me),Because freeimage is GPL v2(v3) license.

Hope the OCC team to solve the problem,Thank you very much.

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I recommend the “CxImage” library, it is good, and license is friendly

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Dear wawa,
We intentionally dropped own obsolete implementation of image processing utilities in OCCT in favour of using third-party specialized library, thus inability of OCCT built without image library to work with GIF or BMP files is not a bug.
FreeImage uses dual licensing, and OCCT uses it on conditions of the FreeImage Public License which allows commercial usage, see
CxImage could be a possible alternative to FreeImage for the ones who prefer it, feel free to contribute relevant changes.

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In a visual studio you can not load images in the image list