Find the Center of a circle face

Hello guys,

I have a trimed circle face, and How can I find it Center point and its Vector?


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I suppose, your circle is a TopoDS_Shape. If it is, first you need to get the surrounding edge of the face. If you have this TopoDS_Edge, than you can extract its geometric curve with the BRep_Tool::Curve(). Then call DownCast to convert it into a Geom_Circle. Than call method Center() of Geom_Circle and you'll get it. I'm not 100% sure if this works in your case...

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S.A. Bulgaria

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Hi David,

Can't center of gravity help?
See "Global properties" section in the Modeling Data Reference Manual for details and API.

Hope this helps.

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Hi guys,

thanks for the information. in this case, S.A.'s method was what I looked for. and it is really great. Thanks.

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Hello David,

What API used for creating a trimed circle face.

can u share ur code ?
thanks and regards
- gp

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Hi GP,

I really wish I can help you with this, but the trimed circle face I have was given to my, and it think it was created by a 3rd party software. so , I do not have any idea about how to creat a tirmed face with OCC too. one I find out how, I would be glad to share it with you.